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Counselling or Psychotherapy?

While the terms are often used interchangeably the method used will differ depending on the issues you bring. Both types of therapy can provide a safe place for you to reflect on and work through your concerns

Counselling tends to focus on a particular issue or event, working with symptoms and behaviours a client is currently experiencing. This could involve general problems such as increased anxiety or a specific event such as becoming unemployed. The counsellor works with the client on short term goals to help them develop tools to address their concerns. While the sessions are weekly, the overall duration of the work is usually shorter eg 6-12 sessions.

Psychotherapists have the full range of counselling skills but tend to work at greater depth. They will focus on emotions and experiences the client encountered growing up as well as their current emotions and behaviours. This helps to shed light on how the client's past experiences have helped to shape how they are in the world today. While the sessions are usually weekly, the work tends to be longer term and open ended.

I offer both short term counselling and open ended psychotherapy to adults with a range of concerns.

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